Dominic Cruz suffers another ACL injury

If he wasn’t already the most unlucky fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, Dominic Cruz certainly is now in terms of an injury stand point.

The Mexican Mixed Martial Artist recently posted on his Facebook page that he has suffered yet another injury that will see him sidelined for an indefinite period. And this time, the injury is the same that saw him sidelined for a long period the last time, an ACL injury. But this time, the injury is to his right knee.

Writing on his Facebook page, Cruz said that he had to report a very sad new to his fans, adding that he has suffered another ACL injury. This time, however, the injury is on the opposite leg of his first and second ACL injuries. Cruz said that leading up to his last fight in September and even after, he has followed a very light and methodical diet program and training regime to keep his body healthy.

However, Dominic Cruz has also added that some things are beyond his control. The 28 year old said that he doesn’t have any fixed timetable on his return to the UFC but he assured the fans that he will pour his heart and soul into getting fit once again and make a return to the Octagon in due time. He also thanked the UFC, the fans and the sponsors for standing by him during difficult times and added that he appreciates this.

Dominic Cruz has suffered two previous ACL injuries on his left knee which saw him sidelined for over two years during which time; he was forced to relinquish his UFC Bantamweight Championship. He returned to action in September at UFC 178 with a win but he now faces a long wait for his return again.