Cruz On Faber’s UFC Induction

There was an announcement made during UFC 210 that Urijah Faber would induct into the UFC Hall of Fame in the month of July.

Faber has gathered a record of a brilliant 34-10 and has achieved the featherweight title in WEC. He is the founder of team Alpha Male, which is one of the top gyms across the globe. Soon after the announcement of Faber’s induction was completed, fans returned to their desk where Dominick Cruz along with others was allowed to pass a few comments.

Dominick Cruz is a renowned mixed martial artist from America that fights in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He is indeed one of the great pounds-for pound fighter as far as MMA is concerned. Cruz is well known for his rapid striking, swift movement and attacking style that makes him stand apart from other fighters of the UFC. He won the WEC bantamweight title in 2010. He is also an MMA analyst for Fox Sports in addition to fighting.

Cruz was indeed the greatest rival Faber could have. The two did not have a liking for each other and knew their strengths and weaknesses well enough. Cruz began with his comments by saying how great and inspiring a person Faber has been. He also said that they never got along but did not deny the fact that Faber has given his best to his sport and his gym. Cruz had an opportunity to fight with him and beating him has made him relevant several times in the sport. On the very day the induction of Faber was announced, the UFC bantamweight title fight date was also decided by T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt. Well, there is no denying that Faber has brought so much to this sport. It will be an interesting fight to watch and to see the winner of the UFC bantamweight title.