Bantamweight star Dominick ‘The Dominator’ Crus is set to return to action.

The fighter is set to return to the cage following his one year absence after his second loss in his entire career.

Cruz (22-2) lost his first fight back in 2007 and the second was last year when Cody Garbrandt (11-0) won him courtesy of a unanimous decision. The last time Cruz lost, he waited a year before returning to knock out Kenneth Aimes at Total Combat 27.

Cruz would fight Jimmie Rivera (21-1) at UFC 219 on December 30 in Las Vegas while Garbrandt would face the man Cruz defeated for the title TJ Dillashaw (14-3).

Cruz said he took the time out to ensure he returned to 100 percent fitness. He used to do up to three fights a year but he has decided to stick to just two fights annually now.

Cruz On Faber’s UFC Induction

There was an announcement made during UFC 210 that Urijah Faber would induct into the UFC Hall of Fame in the month of July.

Faber has gathered a record of a brilliant 34-10 and has achieved the featherweight title in WEC. He is the founder of team Alpha Male, which is one of the top gyms across the globe. Soon after the announcement of Faber’s induction was completed, fans returned to their desk where Dominick Cruz along with others was allowed to pass a few comments.

Dominick Cruz is a renowned mixed martial artist from America that fights in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He is indeed one of the great pounds-for pound fighter as far as MMA is concerned. Cruz is well known for his rapid striking, swift movement and attacking style that makes him stand apart from other fighters of the UFC. He won the WEC bantamweight title in 2010. He is also an MMA analyst for Fox Sports in addition to fighting.


Interim bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz who had been out of the UFC center stage for about four years has made a sensational comeback reclaiming the UFC bantamweight title in a spectacular fashion.

The bout between Cruz and T.J Dillashaw was decided in tightly contested five round face off with Cruz eventually declared the winner after a split decision. This win ensured that Cruz reclaimed his bantamweight championship belt after a while on the sidelines nursing injuries.

During their encounter at the center stage, the returning Cruz walked into the ring as though he was not returning from a lengthy injury. Cruz matched his opponent strength for strength in a nip and tuck contest, in the end, it took a split decision for him to be declared the winner.

It is interesting to see Cruz reclaim his championship title having been stripped of the title due to some horrific knee injuries. This injury ensured that the sensational Cruz stayed out of the arena for four years during which Dillashaw emerged as the new titleholder.

Dominic Cruz suffers another ACL injury

If he wasn’t already the most unlucky fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, Dominic Cruz certainly is now in terms of an injury stand point.

The Mexican Mixed Martial Artist recently posted on his Facebook page that he has suffered yet another injury that will see him sidelined for an indefinite period. And this time, the injury is the same that saw him sidelined for a long period the last time, an ACL injury. But this time, the injury is to his right knee.

Writing on his Facebook page, Cruz said that he had to report a very sad new to his fans, adding that he has suffered another ACL injury. This time, however, the injury is on the opposite leg of his first and second ACL injuries. Cruz said that leading up to his last fight in September and even after, he has followed a very light and methodical diet program and training regime to keep his body healthy.