Dominic Cruz suffers another ACL injury

If he wasn’t already the most unlucky fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, Dominic Cruz certainly is now in terms of an injury stand point.

The Mexican Mixed Martial Artist recently posted on his Facebook page that he has suffered yet another injury that will see him sidelined for an indefinite period. And this time, the injury is the same that saw him sidelined for a long period the last time, an ACL injury. But this time, the injury is to his right knee.

Writing on his Facebook page, Cruz said that he had to report a very sad new to his fans, adding that he has suffered another ACL injury. This time, however, the injury is on the opposite leg of his first and second ACL injuries. Cruz said that leading up to his last fight in September and even after, he has followed a very light and methodical diet program and training regime to keep his body healthy.

Dominick Cruz changed his career, says Reis

A lot has changed since Wilson Reis won the Elite XC Featherweight Championship back in 2008 as a fresh faced fighter with the sole aim of becoming the best he could be. Having ended his nine fight streak with Bellator, the prodigiously talented Reis was signed up by the UFC in 2013 but things haven’t panned out the way he had planned in the biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion for him and as a result, UFC Fight Night 49 has come as a new beginning for him.

He was ranked at 15 in the Bantamweight division but he dropped down a weight category to Flyweight to take on Joby Sanchez and he has credited former UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz for the evolution of his career.

Reis stated that it was just the second time he has had a training camp at Alliance MMA and with guys like Phil Davis and Dominick Cruz training with him, he has got a lot better with time. He added that he has evolved a lot as a fighter since he last fought inside the Octagon and he feels absolutely great about this move to Flyweight.

Reis also mentioned that having a near perfect camp also had a lot to do with that feeling.

He mentioned that the team has the best fighters in the lower weight categories of the sport and every time he joins up with the team, he learns something new. It is almost five years since he first trained with the then dominant Dominick Cruz but now, he has made the move to San Diego permanent, he can expect to see a lot more of the Mexican.

He mentioned that having trained with him on a regular basis, it is easy to understand why Cruz is one of the best in the business and he has done a lot for his career as well.

Brock Lesnar to end Bryan’s reign, says JR

At Wrestle Mania 30 just a few weeks back, the flagship event of the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, perhaps the two best performances were put in by Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar.

As expected, the diminutive Bryan fought his way through the Authority and was finally able to get his hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which saw the culmination of almost a year long program for the brawler.

The accomplishment of Lesnar was by far the more shocking of the two and to say it was not expected would be putting it mildly. The 34 year old, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Heavyweight champion defeated the Undertaker, ending his fabled streak at the promotion’s biggest annual event, an accomplishment which left the 80,000 that had packed into the auditorium and the millions viewing the event on television absolutely stunned.

And this means it would be natural for Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan to cross paths at some point or the other in the future and legendary WWE broadcaster Jim Ross feels the same. Furthermore, JR believes that crossing of paths will take place as early as August and Lesnar will be the one to end the championship reign of Bryan come Summer Slam.

Ross also mentioned that many fans and critics would raise the issue about Lesnar only being a part timer with the WWE but one cannot argue with the fact that The Beast is a huge pay per view draw and so is Bryan.

And the way the WWE is planning things these days, it wouldn’t be surprising if the promotion went after yet another money spinning rivalry by pitting Brock Lesnar against Daniel Bryan as it tries to take advantage of the mass hysteria surrounding Bryan since he became the promotion’s champion.