Cruz doesn’t require surgery for latest injury

It has been more than two years since former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Bantamweight Championship holder Dominick Cruz entered the UFC Octagon and it will be almost three years by the time he finally ends up there once again after a few failed attempts previously.

The most recent setback he suffered was a tear in his groin which forced him to withdraw from his scheduled bout at UFC 169 for the unification of the UFC Bantamweight Championship against the interim belt holder Renan Barao and was forced to vacate the title after that setback.

However, this recent injury isn’t as serious as it once seemed and according to his trainer Eric Del Fierro, his protégé doesn’t require surgery for this latest injury and he might even be able to return to training within the next six to eight weeks.

According to Del Fierro, Dominick Cruz has a Grade II or III tear in his groin and he will not need to undergo the knife once again but all he needs to do is rest up and wait for the tear to heal and added that there is no way get around it.

According to Del Fierro, Cruz didn’t want to withdraw from the match and was still looking to find some way of fighting against Barao with that injury but he just couldn’t manage it.

Cruz was doing great in training and his sparring was alright but somehow, he managed to overextend his groin and had the tear.

Dominick Cruz will now have to wait and see how the Bantamweight division pans out when he returns, considering Barao has completely decimated the opposition in the division and with his hold being strengthened with the win over Urijah Faber, Cruz will have a difficult road back to championship glory.

White says Dominick Cruz stalled his return

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is set to return to the UFC Octagon after a gap of over two years following a twin surgery and is preparing to defend his lineal championship belt against the interim title holder Renan Barao.

But his return has already been mired in controversy with Dana White, the president of the UFC commenting that he feels Cruz could have easily made a return much sooner.

Cruz will put his belt on the line at UFC 169 but if White is to be believed, he stalled on his return and took longer to get back and he should normally have taken. Speaking to the media, White made the comments, although he stated that he shouldn’t be making such comments but that’s what he feels.

White mentioned that Dominick Cruz is training extremely hard for his return to the Octagon as he looks to get over every inch of ring rust that might have accumulated over time, adding that over the last few weeks he has seen Cruz do things which makes him feel he stalled on his return and could have defended the belt much earlier.

Cruz has not faced defeat in the UFC in the last six years and is on a run of ten matches unbeaten while Barao is undefeated for the last eight years and over thirty matches. White went to add further insult to injury when he mentioned that Dominick Cruz is perhaps doing the right thing by pushing him in training because no one would come face to face against a monster challenge in the form of Barao after being on the sidelines for the last two years.

The UFC president is also hoping the match lives up to the pre-match hype that it has gathered as well.